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Hollywood International Placement, Inc.

Hollywood International Placements, Inc.


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Product Advertising and Celebrity Branding You Can Trust

HIP is all about ensuring that your products are showcased in the finest TV programming and films. You enjoy all the benefits of tremendous exposure at a fraction of the normal cost of advertising. As Glamour Magazine said in their featured article on HIP, "While a 30-second commercial may go for $400,000, a placement on a prime-time show costs a fraction of that fee."


Working With Top Names In the Business

We're a major source of props and set decorations for Hollywood studios, and we work with a range of producers, wardrobe designers, set decorators, and property masters. By working with these individuals, we guarantee that you can enjoy an effective, well-established method of brand recognition that reaches a truly broad audience.

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Celebrity-Driven Brand Awareness

With our specialized form of advertising, viewers become increasingly aware of your brand just by their proximity to celebrities. The portrayal of a product in a feature film or prime-time television spot comes with an implied endorsement this increases the consumer's desire to buy and use such featured items. Placement opportunities keep on coming up, so work with us today to guarantee that it's your product that the audience is viewing on their show.