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Hollywood International Placement, Inc.

Hollywood International Placements, Inc.


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Your Advertising Company With Hollywood Connections

See your products featured on the big screen and television with our help. The branding consultants at HIP offer premier celebrity branding, advertising, and entertainment marketing services. With over 20 years of comprehensive industry experience, we specialize in marketing brands through strategic alliances and partnerships ininside the entertainment world.

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Get millions of eyes on your products with primetime TV and feature film product placement and brand integration.
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Tami Glenn Cooper

Our President

Tami Glenn Cooper, our President, got her start in product placement working for another organization, but she quickly discovered that her talents were better suited to establishing her own business. She is proud to have established this boutique agency that is fully female owned and operated. Over the years, she has established many personal relationships with big names in the entertainment industry, and she hopes you will join her extensive network of satisfied clients.

"Product placement is an inexpensive advertising tool for a lot of companies that want product recognition, especially if the companies don't have big advertising budgets."
- The Wall Street Journal

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Customer Service
(855) 538-0723
Corporate Office
(818) 290-3580
(818) 290-3581


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