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Hollywood International Placements, Inc. (HIP) places your products as theatrical props on prime time TV shows and in major films. Your products gain tremendous exposure at a fraction of the normal cost of advertising. HIP is a major source of props and set decorator items for Hollywood’s television and motion picture entertainment industry working with top producers, wardrobe designers, set decorators and property masters.

Product placement is an alternative to the traditional method of advertising. It is an effective and well established method of developing brand recognition by getting the product’s featured before the public on prime time television and in feature films. It is extremely cost-effective when compared with the normal costs of buying commercial time or obtaining celebrity endorsements. With this form of advertising, it is easy to build awareness of a new product or to single out a product in a highly competitive market. A portrayal of the product in a feature film or prime-time television and the implied endorsement of the product adds to the consumer's desire to buy, use and continued to use your product. The audience for feature films and prime time television provides great exposure for your product. Product placement lets you reach this audience at a very low cost. Placement opportunities are constantly coming up and with HIP (Hollywood International Placements, Inc.) your placement is guaranteed.

GLAMOUR magazine featuring an article on the promotion of beauty products and referring to Hollywood International Placements, Inc. said: “While a 30 second commercial may go for $400,000, a placement on a prime-time show costs a fraction of that fee..."

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL spoke of the effectiveness of product placement and quoted Tami Glenn, President of Hollywood International Placements, Inc. as follows: "Product placement is an inexpensive advertising tool for a lot of companies that want product recognition, especially if the companies don't have big advertising budgets."